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Produktkonfiguration und gerade die Abkürzung CPQ (Configure Price Quote) wurde häufig sehr stark vom Vertrieb geprägt, um schnell Angebote erstellen zu können. Das greift aber häufig zu kurz, weshalb der technisch denkende Konfigurator-Anbieter Acatec den Begriff CPQE geprägt hat. Das zusätzliche „E“ steht für Engineer

CPQE - das E macht's

Der oberösterreichische Sondermaschinenbauer Promot ist Spezialist für die Automatisierung von Werkzeugmaschinen und damit für Anlagen in Losgröße eins. Ein Baukastensystem und seit neuestem ein Konfigurator helfen bei der effizienten Konstruktion

Promot - Jetzt geht's um Engineering

The Bavarian Rail specialist Kraiburg Strail builds world's rubber plates for level crossings - and freed himself thanks to optimized product configuration with spyydmaxx of consuming routine tasks.


For many people is the shower a special place of warmth, freshness and relaxation. The Kermi GmbH produces customized shower enclosures for the daily moments of wellbeing. Here helps the product configurator spyydmaxx of ACATEC.


Taking leave of the paper-based world – Krone’s product configurator enables farmers and machinery contractors to select and put together their customised equipment using the desired components. Krone’s solution is called EasySelect and offers a large number of variants for forage harvesters, balers, transport wagons mowers etc.

ACATEC_article_KE_NEXT_02_2014_Taking leave of the paper-based world

Henning Bitter in interview discusses 3D automation solutions and the spyydmaxx Enterprise product configurator. Business processes in a company, from quotation through to finished product, can be speeded up significantly. Our Managing Director Henning Bitter reveals in an interview with the trade journal "Konstruktion & Entwicklung" how this can be achieved with the configurator and what benefits companies can enjoy as a result.



Adolf Würth have been working with the spyydmaxx Enterprise product configurator since 2009. The second version of the configurator has been in use at Würth in 21 countries since 2014.



3D visualisation without plug-in – 3D visualisation in real time is a clear trend. However, providing these visualisations in real time without a plug-in is new. ACATEC now offers this.

ACATEC_article_KE_NEXT_09_2014_3D visualisation_without_Plug-in

Gaining control over variants quickly – 59 product families, each with up to 10,000 instances. Sterling SIHI GmbH in Itzehoe manages its enormous range of variants with ACATEC’s spyydmaxx product configurator. It has enabled the company to significantly speed up its business processes while minimising effort and errors.


Flying galleys – Sell GmbH in Herborn relies on product configuration with 3D visualisation in its aircraft galley production.



Is it possible to model a batch size of one using variant management software? Engineering skills between perseverance and innovation – variant management and hard-headed commercial decisions are conflicting considerations for medium-sized manufacturers, dealers, farmers and machinery contractors.

ACATEC_article_Agrartechnik_business_06_2014_Variant management>


Austrian timber construction specialist CREE is revolutionising the whole business process of constructing timber buildings and through its sustainable use of wood. By using the spyydmaxx product configurator, the company can significantly lower the time required for planning as well as the costs of construction.



Austrian company CREE constructs multi-storey timber buildings using processes similar to modern modular machine and plant engineering by relying on proven variant management methods.



The way to achieving the customised machine – GEISS AG in Sesslach has been using the product configurator spyydmaxx Enterprise for 8 years. The company produces machinery in batches of 1 only – so far over 3,000 different units.



Krone Landtechnik’s product configurator went online just in time for the start of the Agritechnica trade fair. The configurator is based on variant management from ACATEC.



More quotations in a shorter period – configuration and quotation preparation at pump manufacturer Sterling SIHI has been running very successfully using variant management tools from ACATEC for two years.



 Speeding up the process chain – using spyydmaxx Enterprise, business processes from quotation through to finished product can be speeded up significantly. Henning Bitter, Managing Director of ACATEC, discusses 3D automation solutions in interview.

ACATEC_article_Konstruktion_Entwicklung_12_2013_Process chain accelerator


University of Duisburg-Essen - spyydmaxx at SIEMENS, technical paper "Cross-component dependencies in design and calculation processes"" Supporting tools are offered for almost all issues arising during the design and development process. CAD automation with spyydmaxx ENGINEERING is explained.



Does product configuration in sales automatically mean an increased workload for the engineering department ? Or can it be accomplished differently? In the past, sales staff were primarily concerned with creating meaningful quotations as fast as possible. And engineering staff were concerned with generating product data for order fulfilment. But what happens when the customer or the sales organisation also requires a technical drawing in addition to the quotation?



Configuring everything efficiently everywhere. USER CONFERENCE – The 5th ACATEC User Conference attracted around 100 customers and prospects to Fulda on 26–27 September. The specialist in configuration software has put together an interesting programme of user presentations, prospects for the future and workshops.



"Freeing up creativity" – Design engineers are under extreme time pressures and are often inundated with sideline activities. There is little time left for creativity and innovation. Automating engineering processes with the aid of product configurators creates space for the design engineers’ creativity.



Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH speeded up its logistics processes with the introduction of SAP ERP and an add-on solution for variant configuration in June 2007. Lead times, above all in order fulfilment and especially in engineering, were cut to a fifth of the previous average times.



"Product variants at the click of a button" – Companies nowadays face the challenge of having to process increasing numbers of orders and at the same time of having to adapt products to the specific requirements of individual customers. By automating engineering processes through the use of product configurators, they are able to create space for their engineers’ creativity.




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