24 years of ACATEC * 19 years of CAD automation * 15 years of product configuration * Today: technological pioneer


Engineers Henning Bitter and Hermann Schleicher found ACATEC in Hanover on 1 April 1995. They are joined by Stefan Schreiber in August of that year. They have known each other since they worked together for a manufacturer of parametric 3D CAD systems. Their motivation in founding ACATEC was in wanting to inspire their own customers with technological solutions and to create the connection between a high-end standard and engineering services. They begin with the introduction of 3D CAD systems in Germany industry. Their first customers are WABCO, ZF Sachs and Audi. The first office opens in Gehrden at the end of 1995.

Up to 2000

The ACATEC managers recognise that business processes in very different sectors are similar in structure. Irrespective of the product, the main challenge is the same everywhere, namely, how to reduce pressure on people and technical complexity when the customers’ customers all have individual requirements.

3D is a fine thing, but businesses find it difficult to fulfil orders with acceptable lead times – and repeatedly – without stable business processes.


An idea is born. ACATEC provides design engineers with a tool that makes it easier for them to accomplish all their 3D CAD system-related tasks in day-to-day business. CAD automation is born. It is now possible to remotely control a CAD system via its API (application programming interface). Their first customer is ZF Sachs in Schweinfurt.

Hermann Schleicher leaves the company. Engineer Dr Reiner Kader becomes an ACATEC partner.


Big bang for the first product configurator as a standard product. This variant manager can, for example, perform rule-based remote control of CAD systems (formerly POWER CONFIGURATOR, or spyydmaxx ENGINEERING).


What is spyydmaxx REMOTE, a product for the server-based remote control of IT systems in live and batch mode, is launched. A highlight back then even is the authoring system (at the time spyydmaxx AUTHOR), which a specialist department can use to implement a rule base itself.

Engineer Andreas Liesche becomes an ACATEC partner.


The story continues – ACATEC developers launch the pricing and quotation preparation modules in parallel. Engineer Falk von Rötel becomes an ACATEC partner.


3D Designer, a tool for generating and visualising lightweight, parametric 3D models for sales, is ready. It can even be used for Internet applications.


The ACATEC management team decide to bundle all the sales-related functions of the variant management system into "spyydmaxx SALES". At the same time, "spyydmaxx WEB" makes it possible to publish product configurators on the Internet.

2013 onwards

ACATEC is a technological pioneer. They are the only company with an end-to-end solution for order acquisition and order fulfilment in their portfolio – sector-independent and so fast that it may sound incredible that automation speeds up business processes by several orders of magnitude.


Renaming the product configurator spyydmaxx Enterprise in speedmaxx Enterprise.


The existing product component "3D-Visualization" has been extended by a further component for real-time 3D-visualization and configurations can now be carried out in a virtual reality environment. This makes it possible to design virtual showrooms - a real highlight for the sales department.