Anyone who travels by train may be thinking about their seat, fellow passengers or train delays. One thing, however, is certainly not: the technology and the structure of a train.

With the company Krapf & Lex it is exactly the other way round. They only think about the filter systems and there especially about one thing: ventilation grilles!

Because the company from Weiden in Bavaria deals exclusively with this subject area. They plan and design for their customers the condition of ventilation grilles. Be it for the traction vehicle or for the wagons of the passenger transport. Each ventilation grille has its own dimensions and requirements.

In order to meet these often highly complex requirements, Krapf & Lex decided to use the CPQ solution speedmaxx from ACATEC. Thus, in the future the preparation of offers including technical drawings will be considerably easier and faster.



And that was also the decisive point - with the product configurator, not only the sales department will be faster, but also the design department. Because the configurator triggers the CAD automation. The CAD model is controlled by speedmaxx in Inventor and changed to a new variant. As a result, the designer receives his finished technical drawing including the 3D model after the configuration.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with the company Krapf & Lex Verkehrstechnik GmbH and will continue to report about this interesting project.

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