ACATEC Software GmbH has a new shareholder. The Karlsruhe PLM specialist PROCAD has acquired a majority stake in our company with the support of LEA Partners GmbH on March 29, 2021. Through the acquisition, PROCAD expands and consolidates its business model and can cover PLM and product configuration from a single source in the future.

In addition to PROCAD, ACATEC also benefits from this new constellation. Through this acquisition, we have a strong parent company at our side, which allows us to look even more confidently into the future. Likewise, the overall size of the companies will significantly strengthen our visibility in the market.

We entered into a partnership with PROCAD back in January 2021 and quickly realized that our philosophies complement each other: quick impact for customers through simplified implementation and intuitive operation. Already at the start of the partnership, it had become clear that maximum synergy effects would develop here for both sides.


CEO PROCAD Gerhard Knoch, CFO PROCAD Johannes Dornbach, Geschäftsführer ACATEC Henning Bitter

CEO PROCAD Gerhard Knoch, CTO PROCAD Johannes Dornbach, Managing Director ACATEC Henning Bitter (from left)


In the future, ACATEC and PROCAD will merge their product portfolios and services, jointly expand them and place them on the market. "With this strategic acquisition, we can now provide our customers with even more comprehensive and value-added support for their processes," explains PROCAD Managing Director (CEO) Gerhard Knoch.

"Our companies operate in very similar spheres," adds Johann Dornbach, CTO of PROCAD. "The initial partnership quickly turned into an operational collaboration. We noticed that by integrating both solutions, processes at our customers could be accelerated many times over, e.g. in CAD automation. So we just had to take the step and connect in the long term."

Henning Bitter, Managing Director of ACATEC, confirms this insight. "The partnership with PROCAD showed us very early on that the collaboration not only significantly advances our common goals, but can also accelerate customer processes by up to 20 times. In addition to increased visibility in the market, ACATEC benefits from a strong parent company and its expertise in product lifecycle management," says Henning Bitter.

For more information about PROCAD, please visit: www.pro-file.com