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Use object dependency from other IT systems

Object dependency is often distributed over IT systems and is usually intended to be reused. We can "tap into" a wide range of systems with very different methods. These include SAP, MS Excel, Mathcad, databases and existing calculation and design programs.

Example: SAP LO VC  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8f/SAP-Logo.svg/2000px-SAP-Logo.svg.png

A rule base from SAP LO VC can be used with high process reliability, either live from SAP or in batch mode from locally replicated data. The methods use RFC-capable BAPIs or our "SAP LO VC parser".

Example: Mindmaps

A mindmap is used at the beginning of a project to describe a product as well as its attributes and dependencies. You can send these mindmaps to other stakeholders for their input and agreement. In this way, you avoid errors, nothing is overlooked and you have all stakeholders on board.

The object dependencies in the mindmap are then exported to an XML file, which we import and which we can use to map our internal configurator rule base in our authoring system and then further edit.

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