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Model object dependencies, interfaces and user interfaces graphically

Do you wish to design your product configurators and automation systems independently of us? Nothing could be easier using our authoring system!

Many companies wish to establish and later maintain their data flexibly themselves, independently of the configurator vendor. They wish to retain the knowledge about their rule base and their product logic in house. It should be possible to map changes quickly at any time without causing external costs on each occasion. Employees should also be able to include corporate design themselves.

Object dependencies

This is precisely what our authoring system makes possible. Using the easy-to-learn tool, you can "build" your configurator yourself without any knowledge of programming. Expertise regarding the logic of your products and business processes is sufficient. Your specialist departments can implement, maintain and operate company-specific applications graphically and interactively.


We generally tend to address interfaces to IT systems (CRM, ERP/SAP, CAD, PDM etc.) using the relevant programming interfaces (APIs). Data exchange via text files, XML files, databases and WEB services has also been used successfully.

The following databases are integrated: MS SQL, mySQL, SQLite, ACCESS and Oracle.

User interfaces

All user interfaces can be completely freely modelled and adapted to your needs and to your company’s corporate design. And the special thing about it is that user interfaces and their associated rule bases can be executed and tested immediately during implementation. They run in WEB browsers and are based on HTML5.

Additional functions

Additional functions include roles and rights and version management.

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