ACATEC Software GmbH

MTU Onsite Energy GmbH: acceleration by a factor of 10

The technology for process-oriented product configuration from the Lower Saxony company ACATEC is deployed around the world at Tognum subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy, a global manufacturer of decentralised energy plants.

The aim is to achieve consistently reliable engineering processes at MTU Onsite Energy without any media discontinuity. This works in part using CAD automation. All the data necessary for assemblies, parts, drawings, bills of material and other documents are made available to the engineers from the beginning. Redundancy and errors resulting from duplicate entries are a thing of the past, which makes planning and development significantly easier. Product configuration allows the customer to recognise what already exists and what does not. Business processes have been speeded up by a factor of 10.

Flexible, fast, reliable

A central WEB server storing the underlying rule base of the variant manager is, as it were, the heart of the data. MTU engineers use speedmaxx authoring systems at different MTU Onsite Energy locations to manage the product-related content individually.

Integration of existing IT systems with the variant manager

Whether SAP automation, CAD automation or PDM automation, the technology from ACATEC makes it possible – always taking the specific requirements of each location into account. “We succeeded in demonstrating how easy it is to integrate various already existent IT systems,” explains ACATEC Managing Director Henning Bitter. "We have all the technological components for the rule-based automation of engineering on board. We can therefore assist MTU Onsite Energy to further increase their competitive advantage."

MTU uses the following speedmaxx Enterprise product modules:

The guided, safe route to the correct and buildable variant,
the core of speedmaxx

Use, generate and make master data, bills of material and documents available in a rule-based process

Create individual parts, assemblies and drawings of product variants in a rule-based process

Execute PDM functions based on rules and make product data available to business processes

Exercise time-delayed, rule-based control over IT systems, generate and make data available

Model object dependencies, interfaces and user interfaces graphically yourself


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