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Using speedmaxx from the very beginning – heat exchanger specialists WTK Germany

WTK-Germany GmbH & Co.KG focuses on customer-specific solutions in small batches and not on high-volume business. The “experienced newcomer” from Giessen in the state of Hesse brings many years of consulting and implementation experience with it from other backgrounds.

The company was (only) founded in January 2012. It produces compact shell and tube heat exchangers and uses the latest machinery. Its employees manufacture according to customer specifications in an optimised flow production process – with consistently high quality and absolute compliance with delivery deadlines.

From the outset, the founders attached great importance to product configuration, CAD automation and the development of an integrated process chain that they can set up and maintain themselves. This makes them independent of a particular variant manager vendor in their daily business.

The goals of product configuration are maximum automation in order fulfilment and zero defects. And at the same time maximum reuse of existing components.

speedmaxx was introduced in less than three man-months. In order to create the highest possible share of production documents completely automatically, the heat exchanger specialists are continuously extending their solution to match their goals themselves using the speedmaxx authoring system.

WTK uses the following speedmaxx Enterprise product modules:

The guided, safe route to the correct and buildable variant,
the core of speedmaxx

Create individual parts, assemblies and drawings of product variants in a rule-based process

Execute PDM functions based on rules and make product data available to business processes

Exercise time-delayed, rule-based control over IT systems, generate and make data available

Model object dependencies, interfaces and user interfaces graphically yourself

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