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CPQE – for real end-to-end consistency throughout the business process

Product configuration from sales to engineeringdurchgaengigkeit

The abbreviation “CPQ” stands for “Configure – Price – Quote” and describes the “product configurator” application. The focus of the CPQ application is on automating the sales process. The aim is to create quotations faster and more reliably, thus freeing up the sales department from routine activities.

However, ACATEC’s speedmaxx Enterprise product configurator goes a step further and is the only configurator on the market to now add the letter E to the abbreviation CPQ. E stands for ‘Engineer’.

Any company wishing to achieve end-to-end consistency, from initial inquiry to engineering and production needs technology that supports it from start to finish. spyydmaxx Enterprise will enable you to generate customer-specific products through maximum automation.


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What are the benefits of CPQE for your company?

CPQE brings huge time savings, zero defects and improved performance for your company – but above all it makes your processes and data consistent from end to end. With speedmaxx Enterprise there is no system discontinuity anywhere in the business process as the data originate in existing systems. This cuts costs and effort sustainably.

The engineering department should be considered for even small engineering services during the quotation phase, since having details of engineering and production known when the quotation is being prepared means that it is part of the process. Otherwise, small differences here can soon become very expensive. This makes a product configurator a lucrative investment from a batch size of 1.

You require the following product modules for CPQE:


The guided, safe route to the correct and buildable variant,
the core of speedmaxx

Clear and standard representation and documentation of variants requiring explanation

Determine costs of production and selling prices for variants quickly and reliably, optimise margins

Create individual parts, assemblies and drawings of product variants in a rule-based process

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