logo speedmaxx ocOur product speedmaxx Enterprise makes your order acquisition and order fulfilment incredibly fast despite a high number of variant products. This has an effect. That endures.

Your marketing department can advertise variants better on the WEB, your sales department can sell variants faster and your engineering department design variants more rapidly.

What is unique is the end-to-end process and the sector-independence of the technology. Sales, engineering and order fulfilment accelerate your business processes significantly.

Thanks to speedmaxx, our customers can work in an automated process free of errors and are in a position to offer and manufacture tailor-made products and product variants – even for a "batch size of 1" in an optimum way.

Product modules

The guided, safe route to the correct and buildable variant,
the core of speedmaxx

Clear and standard representation and documentation of variants requiring explanation

Determine costs of production and selling prices for variants quickly and reliably, optimise margins

Use, generate and make master data, bills of material and documents available in a rule-based process

Create individual parts, assemblies and drawings of product variants in a rule-based process

Execute PDM functions based on rules and make product data available to business processes

Inspire your prospects and customers with an interactive preview of your individual product.

Run product configurators on WEB servers, application servers, notebooks and PCs

Exercise time-delayed, rule-based control over IT systems, generate and make data available

Use rule bases from SAP LO VC, MS Excel, databases or mindmaps

Model object dependencies, interfaces and user interfaces graphically yourself

User interfaces and documents in the languages of your target markets

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