Calculate prices

Determine manufacturing costs and sales prices quickly and reliably: individually and strikingly

"And what does that cost?" - Hardly any question is more typical in sales than this. Be it that the prospective customer wants to know or the colleague who is outside with the customer.

Quickly give the right answer and inspire others with it: On all sales channels - also on the 7/24 Web, and also on the notebook or "smart" device.

Our price calculation calculates manufacturing costs, sales prices and margins at the push of a button: on the basis of master data and your rules and regulations. Variables such as customer-dependent conditions can also be displayed. From experience we know: the simpler, the better - with our technology for price determination we contribute a bit to your sales success.

The ideal solution is our end-to-end solution, which does not require any additional data sources but "sucks" everything from your existing IT systems that is needed: Be it databases, Excel or from your ERP system.

Price determination is part of CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote.

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