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WEB sales configurator for front loaders at STOLL in Lengede

KRONE Landmaschinen

AGRARTECHNIK business is reporting KRONE WEB configurator EasySelect for Landmaschinen

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Krone Landtechnik’s product configurator went online just in time for the start of the Agritechnica trade fair. The configurator is based on variant management from ACATEC.

Read how Krone Landtechnik implemented its EasySelect configurator for configuring agricultural machinery using speedmaxx Enterprise (formerly spyydmaxx). What is special in this case is that farmers and machinery contractors can simply select and virtually assemble their desired machine with all its components themselves.

The article appeared in the 01/2014 issue of magazine Agrartechnik.

Agrartechnik 01/2014 – Product configurator goes online (german)

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Bosch Rexroth

buys speedmaxx company licence for CAD-Automation

Bosch Rexroth has purchased a speedmaxx Enterprise (formerly spyydmaxx) company licence for its engineering department.Bosch Rexroth logo

So that we can gradually deploy speedmaxx to automate CAD with Pro/ENGINEER and CREO in all areas of production and in all our locations.

spyydmaxx has been used very successfully in linear engineering at our location in Schweinfurt for many years.

More information will follow.

Schmitt + Sohn Elevators

Product configurators and CAD Automation at Aufzugswerke M. Schmitt + Sohn in Nuremberg