Multilingual Support

Make documents and user interfaces available in the relevant language

For many people at work, it has become part of their everyday lives to exchange ideas with colleagues around the world. This also includes working together on complex projects!

The "lingua franca" here is and remains mostly English. If all participants speak the language fluently, communication can usually run smoothly.

International cooperation - exciting and challenging

The projects can be difficult. The professional requirements are high; the people tick interculturally differently. Time differences and long distances sometimes make it impossible to meet or make regular phone calls. If the project data is also stored on different servers in different countries, chaos is inevitable.

A typical scenario would also be: Your native language is German, you configure in English and want to sell your products on the Danish market. It is therefore important to you that your messages and information arrive exactly where they should. Otherwise it wouldn't be hyggelig for our neighbours!

Of course, you want to distribute your content in the respective national language without any loss of time or content and of course ...

Multilingual on the go with speedmaxx

The product configurator speedmaxx provides the solution: The system provides the documents and user interfaces in any number of languages. This helps in communication with colleagues as well as with customers - and it saves time and money.

The secret behind the multilingualism of speedmaxx is simple but effective: The configurator works with simple language tables that you can translate yourself in advance.

Oder Sie überlassen die Arbeit einem Übersetzungsbüro. Bei der Nutzung können Sie sich dann entspannt zurücklehnen, weil der Konfigurator alle Lösungen automatisch für Sie in die geforderte Sprache übersetzt.

Übrigens: Mehrsprachig zu sein, heißt auch, mehr Umsätze auf (neuen) Märkten. Auch unter diesem Aspekt ist dieser Produktbaustein für viele unserer Kunden interessant. Wie sieht das bei Ihnen aus?

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