WEB and offline operation

24/7 operation in the WEB is standard today - but offline is still required as well

WEB operation - the booster for your distribution

The majority of our customers rely on a WEB configurator: This enables their customers to configure the desired product again. The 3D visualisation of the desired result is also often part of the process - and is often part of real time. In this way, customers experience live what the desired solution looks like. They can scale and change it.

The secure, fast and convenient WEB operation contributes significantly to convincing demanding users of the high performance of your house: an important trust moment in the customer experience. That's why web-based CPQ software is the means of choice today.

Offline operation

Your sales department is out and about? Especially in rural areas, a secure Internet connection is still not a reality. For this purpose we offer you our solution for offline operation. This enables your colleague or employee to nevertheless make binding statements about the products, prices and special features.

How does the offline version work technically? The configurator is installed locally and the necessary basic data, e.g. from the ERP system, is replicated locally on the notebook - your sales department remains able to act even without a network. You see: We are guided by your framework conditions. The decisive factor is that you can offer your customers a good solution.

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