Batch run mode

Generating and providing product data - around the clock

The digital friend and helper: Batch operation has become an integral part of our world. People are used to being able to access all of a company's products and services outside opening hours - remotely.

WEB operation - the booster for your distribution

This is why it is particularly important to deal with this topic and to keep up to date at all times: It has become a matter of course, so your customers take this service for granted!

Imagine a prospective customer configuring a product variant with your web configurator outside your business hours. He needs an offer with price and delivery time as soon as possible.

A simplified CAD assembly for installation investigations is also required. In order to solve this task, information from your ERP system must be made available to the potential customer. CAD data should also be generated. Your website visitor has entered the key data for his new product online and is now waiting for a concrete offer. A horror scenario would be if he had to wait!

Data retrieval in seconds

Our "worker" does tasks like this in a matter of seconds. The remote batch tool is installed on a server and immediately provides all necessary data. The prospective customer receives his offer in real time and is satisfied - the probability that you win him as a customer is therefore high.

Integrate existing programs

There are no problems with interfaces: The tool can be combined with all common CRM, CAD, PDM and ERP systems, as well as with MS Excel and MS Word. So you can easily integrate your existing calculation and design programs into the process, so that one wheel grips the other unerringly.

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