Learn what drives us – ACATEC’s guiding principles

Managing variants – with the technological pioneer

Our vision: ACATEC customers can create and maintain lasting competitive advantage with revolutionary technology.

With our solutions for variant management we are today already a technological leader since we are the only vendor to offer product configuration as an end-to-end solution from quotation through to engineering

What motivates us to remain at the forefront is the innovative drive of the engineer. We aspire to securing the future of our customers with our variant management tools.

You can learn here how you can benefit, too.

Simple. Incredibly fast. Sustainably effective.

Your business is complex. We can make it easier, simpler and faster. You can concentrate on your real task rather than getting bogged down in routine activity.

As soon as you start implementing our technology you will notice that we are faster than you perhaps first thought – because we are a well-practised team.

We focus on what has troubled you most in the past – e.g. manual, redundant activities. This will save you significant time and effort.

Universal – suitable for any sector

We have a solution that really does make complexity manageable whatever the sector. The speedmaxx product configurator can be deployed in every business process, for individual areas or from end to end – internally, externally, offline or even via a web browser.

Unique in the engineering field

Perhaps you already know that we are demonstrably the only vendor whose product configurator can support your entire business process – from sales through to engineering. Even for individual products down to a batch size of one.

We work positively in terms of goal orientation to put your requirements into practice. We take on any technological challenge and we are experienced enough to say directly and honestly what is possible and what is not.

Reversing the trend

We keep our eyes and ears open on behalf of our customers. We know for a fact that lead times grew by over a third between 2005 and 2012. There are many reasons for this. Using our technology you can reverse this trend (reliable figures from the VDMA).

Ambitious – making customers independent

Our aim is to enable you to work independently and on your own with our technology. For this purpose, we have for example developed a graphical authoring system and focus on open standards.

Your business is distinctly individual. With our technology you can achieve maximum flexibility so that, ultimately, everything can be automated. We can integrate new elements at any time. Others talk of quantum leaps – we talk of real distances.

Open standards and flexible actions

Don’t be surprised. We will integrate all the software you currently use and wish to continue to use – ERP, PLM/PDM, CAD and CRM – since we have designed our configuration technology to have the appropriate flexibility. We create maintainable standards.

We are also agile when objectives change in the course of a project.

Stable in the market

From a commercial point of view, an investment in ACATEC solution is safe, since our Lower Saxony technology business is a stable and independent company that has experienced market success for many years and is continuing to grow.

We focus on goals. Some call us intrepid because we are open and honest. We attach great importance to long-term, fair collaboration with our customers where both parties are satisfied.

ACATEC’s business model is based on a high share of in-house work, on reference processes, customised developments and on standard software. Our customers come from large companies and small and medium-sized businesses.

Cards on the table

Visit our annual users’ conference and listen to the frank and open dialogue that takes place between us, our customers and prospects – challenges, solutions, benefits.

Or let's perform a small pilot project together. Trust grows from the initial first small step.

And you can trust us to achieve a great deal more!