3D Visualization & Virtual Reality

3D visualization of products - changeable in real time, experienceable in virtual reality

Selling means inspiring. But how do you manage this if the product does not yet exist in this form? How do you want to convince your customers? This works best with an interactive 3D visualization. The customer can see what his product looks like. Or take the next step and immerse your customers in virtual reality!

Arouse the play instinct in your customers ...

Bei der Produktkonfiguration sucht ein Kunde Sicherheit: Er will sehen, was rauskommt. Was ist da besser als eine anschauliche Darstellung, ganz ähnlich einem Foto, mehr noch, einem Video: Die 3D-Visualisierung lässt sich drehen, wenden und skalieren. Ändern sich Merkmale eines Produktes, ändert sich auch die 3D-Vorschau. So erzeugen Sie glänzende Augen und ein „Das will ich haben!“-Gefühl. 

Online or offline in WEB browser

Thanks to WebGL* and WebVR, our 3D visualization and virtual reality are immediately executable. No special plug-in or Flash is required - just a WebGL-enabled or a WebVR-enabled browser.

The target groups use 3D viewers mainly on PCs or notebooks. Because there are some numbers, data and facts that you have to enter. Of course there is also a mobile display. The same goes for SAP Hybris Shops. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Example: Web 3D Showroom Linear Technology

Using Bosch Rexroth as an example, we show in a Web 3D showroom how to view the events parallel to the configuration of the multi-axis system directly in the browser.

With our CPQ software speedmaxx and the product component "3D visualization", you configure your product visually on the Web in virtual space in a 360° degree view. The product seems close enough to touch. This is a real WOW effect for the sales department - an attractive new touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Example: Climbing technology staircase

Imagine you work in the commercial vehicle industry and need a new staircase or ladder to be able to work on your vehicles from above. A staircase can have countless variations. What exactly do you need? The online configurator of our customer Zarges, an aluminium specialist from southern Germany, is fast and convenient. Immediately and without waiting! And with a fast 3D visualisation of your desired product. As a supplier, you can then watch your sales figures go up - the application is simple for the customers!

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Within reach - CPQ with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality am Beispiel von Bosch Rexroth

With the 3D visualization you can interactively rotate, zoom and move the product. You see: The 3D visualization of individual products in real time is the chance to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition!

The highlight: The data model of the 3D viewer is object-oriented and parametric. In addition to purely visual changes (color, texture, component yes/no, etc.), geometric changes can also be made.

This refers both to dimensions (length, height, width, etc.) and to the components (installation yes/no, installation position, etc.) that make up the product. This allows completely new variants to be generated and visualized during the configuration runtime!

With a VR headset, you can experience 3D visualization even more intensively. Talk to us.

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